you could save over 90% each month on energy,
and RECEIVE SOLAR CREDITS for up to 70% of the
installation costs.

We’ve been serving ny
homeowners for over 10 years.

We are here to save you money, make your life easier,
and relieve long term financial stress.

Does The Goverment Really Gives Benefits If I Install Solar Panels?

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • 25% State Tax Credit (Up to 5K)
  • 20% Property Tax incentive
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  • Solar panel installations save users over $52,000 on average
over a 25-year span (source)
  • 3.2 million households and businesses have solar panels
installed now, up from 234,000 in 2012 (source)
  • Solar panels produce 12 times less carbon emissions than
natural gas and 20 times less than coal (source)
  • Most solar panel systems l and pay
for themselves within ten years

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    • Solar panels have a manufacturing warranty of 25 years.
      In other words, if they stop working before the 25 years are over, 
then your warranty is still valid.



    Click on a step to learn more about it.

    First, we examine your roof to see what kind of a job this is. Is roof repair required before we install the panels? What type of roof do you have anyway? We answer these questions so we can start the design process.

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    Now that we know what we’re working with, we create a digital mockup of your solar panels as they’ll appear on your roof. This includes size, placement, and the amount of panels your system requires.

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    Before we begin building them, you need permission! Don’t worry, we’ll help you obtain the necessary permits from the local government.

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    Finally, the solar install team comes to your residence and applies the panels to your roof. The time this takes varies depending on your roof, but we try to complete the install in a single day.

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    Now that the panels are on your roof, we swap your meter from your current utility’s standard model to your new net metering system. Once your system has been inspected and approved by the Department of Buildings, congratulations! You’re now a solar user saving massively on your energy costs each month.



    Founded by Mark Young in 2011, the team at Smarter Energy Services is here to help YOU 
save money by switching to solar energy for your home


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    Will Solar Panels Damage my Roof?

    The likelihood of roof damage from solar panels is low. Roof damage might happen if panels are installed incorrectly. If the roof is already damaged, then the weight of the panels can make matters worse. No need to worry, though. We always do a roof inspection to ensure your roof is safe for an install.

    What if my Roof is Too Old or Damaged?

    Rest assured that we can help with roof repairs and house alterations necessary for your solar installation. The cost of these alterations gets added to the overall installation cost.

    Will I Run Out of Energy at Night?

    No, you will not run out of energy. In New York, solar-powered systems are set up with Net Metering. This means that the energy taken by your solar system gets put into your electric grid, and your utility distributes it to you as you need it. If you need more energy than your solar supply, your utility will then provide traditional electricity. For more on net metering, click here.

    What Happens to Used or Dead Solar Panels?

    The preferred fate of used solar panels is that they are recycled. Some countries such as Australia, Japan, India, and parts of Europe have set up or are in the process of setting up legal requirements or incentives for recycling solar panels.

    Let’s Change the world
    One solar panel at a time!