Finding the right plan.

Searching for the best gas and electric company for your home or business may be daunting. Some provider contracts may have hidden fees or lead you to believe you’ve signed up for a fixed rate when in fact your rate can change every month without you knowing.

Don’t get left in the dark. Smarter Energy Services sheds light on the best available plan according to your budget. We’ll notify you right away with any attempted charges by your provider. Now that’s service.


Find out if installing a solar panel system is right for your home or business and how you can reduce or even eliminate your monthly bill.

We help you choose the right plan from the right provider and make sure your rate doesn’t go up. We know what questions to ask.

With over ten years of experience we have helped our customers cut energy costs and find the right plan for their solar, gas and electric services.

The Next Steps

Step 1.

Protect your company from spikes in energy rates with our proven market indicators. Most utilities do not offer price protection. But you have choices.

Step 2.

Let our team find the plans that fit your preferred rate and term and show you your options. Are you aware of how your demand usage affects your price?

Step 3.

Choose from the various options our team compiles for you and then
make an informed decision.

Select Your Savings Objective

Each plan is designed to meet your specific needs and customized to your home or business.

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Tell us about your bill and property so that we can help you find the most savings available. We’ll show you which energy suppliers offer the lowest rates and connect you directly through our network.


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